There are very few places like the Barker Hangar.  While the sound of jets taking off and landing overhead never goes away, the massive space is very much like a chameleon.  With a few coats of paint, a change in lighting design and the construction of walls the space can become a sound stage to shoot television shows and films, a venue to explore interior design like the West Edge Design Fair and host an art fair like Art Los Angeles Contemporary.  This week the space is undergoing a dramatic transformation in preparation for the opening of a tremendous event called Artworks for the Cure, a benefit and art auction to support the T.J. Martell Foundation.

The charity is a leader in providing grants to research early stage treatments for cancer, leukemia and AIDS.  I had the great pleasure of meeting event chair Dick Gary this week and caught a sneak peek inside the Hangar yesterday as a tireless crew worked to unwrap and install artworks on freshly painted white walls.  Among the artworks featured in the space are photographs from Henry Diltz, original pieces from the West and East sides of the Berlin Wall, a lego creation from Nathan Sawaya, a few vintage cars from the collection of Mr. Cartoon and works from musicians Jon Mellancamp, Leondard Cohen and Yoko Ono.  There are more than 150 works of art in the auction and if you’re interested in making a bid and donating to a wonderful cause, stop by the Hangar on Sunday, October 13 between 12-5pm for the Artworks Sale and Auction.  You can purchase your ticket here.


photo 4-1
Location for the Berlin Wall


photo 1-4
Install in process


In midst of the installation yesterday, the sound of an aerosol echoed throughout the space and the faint smell of spray paint lingered.   Los Angeles street artist RISK had offered to tag a large-scale image of a New York City metro car and I had the chance to watch him work.  Artworks for the Cure is not your typical charity auction.  There is an unmistakeable feeling of support from a community and artists and musicians working together to contribute to the greater good.


photo 2-1
RISK’S work station


photo 2-2