Garet Field-Sells
  • Sia, Daniel Askill, Ryan Heffington and Maddie Ziegler Elevate Chandeliers “Chandelier” marks the first promotional single from Sia, the Australian singer/songwriter’s upcoming studio album, “1000 Forms of Fear.” The poignant songwriting by Sia and Jesse Shatkin setup an environment for emotional exploration expected from talents that have written #1 singles over and over again. While we may have had “Chandelier” on repeat in the office over […] 0 Comments May 7, 2014
  • The A/V Reformatting of Contemporary Art Reportage All of those questions not only may go through the minds of exhibitors, but also through ours and the thousands of visitors that will walk the VOLTA canals. As we previewed the work, witnessing the installation several days before the doors opened to the public, we particularly paid attention to two special projects that quietly […] 0 Comments March 7, 2014
  • Best of Saatchi’s Best of 2013! Installation Magazine’s Creative Director Garet Field-Sells selects his favorite works by emerging artists showcased within the Saatchi Online Best of 2013 collection.  Sharing personal anecdotes about each work, Field-Sells curated this presentation in connection to the California landscape where he lives, works and collects art. Relja Penezic This work reminds me of countless drives up to […] 0 Comments December 31, 2013
  • Garet Field-Sells The Creative Director of Installation Magazine Garet Field-Sells shares a selection of work from his recent Angle and Multiple series that accentuate the fluidity of the human form.     Why did you decide to pursue your artistic practice on the West Coast? The most facinating element of Los Angeles, to me, is how different each neighborhood is from each other. […] 0 Comments November 15, 2013
  • The Shortcomings of the Institution Garet Field-Sells, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Installation Media and Magazine asks museum institutions to rethink their presence in the mobile marketplace.  When the museum has every opportunity to connect with their audience, why do they fall short? While the opportunity for exploration in the way communities share knowledge in a constantly evolving digital age […] 0 Comments April 26, 2013
  • Reinventing the Magazine With Newsweek leaving the institution of print, we’ve marked a new era in communication.  So all of a sudden, my inherited collection of every printed Newsweek issue since the 50’s goes from its original value, up once cent… maybe.  As much as we hold onto the idea of traditional print, or as sexy we might […] 0 Comments April 2, 2013