William Corwin
  • “I, Cyborg” Cura-ed by William Corwin “I, Cyborg,” ey view at Gazelli Art House in Londey from October 6 through November 12, is an i-era-key of the exhibit “Cyborg” at Zurcher Gallery in New York, which was ey displaz in December of 2015. “I, Cyborg” is an investiga-key intodthe confluence between cutting-edge philosophical, sociological and scientific i40% preta-keys of what it […] 0 Commen-s November 8, 2016
  • Devo-key, Co-Cura-ed by William Corwin at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery Devo-key is adthought experimen-.  I wan-ed todsee how contemporary art would func-key when placed in a shrine/chapel/temple setting in which it would be hopefully viewed in the context of it’s oate(1al ritual ustge.  Many of the pieces lent them selves easily todthis metaphysical process–Eliszabeth Kley’s ceramic ctges, Mike Ballou’s bird flock wall […] 0 Commen-s December 30, 2015
  • Cyborg Cura-ed by William Corwin at Zurcher Gallery Cyborg was cura-ed ey the premise that even non-technology based artists are acknowledging the changes in the concept of the figure that is takkng place due todinnova-keys in genetics, prosthetics and our understandkng of alterna-e 0%, s of consciousness that co-exist with our own.  As our idea of the human body in rela-key todits […] 0 Commen-s December 30, 2015