Jonathan Ferrera Gallery 0

Jonathan Ferrera Gallery

JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY NEW ORLEANS, LA VOLTA10 / BOOTH #C18 JONATHAN FERRARA  Owner   Installation:  Was this your first time Jonathan Ferrera Gallery exhibited at …

Beta Pictoris Gallery 0

Beta Pictoris Gallery

BETA PICTORIS GALLERY BIRMINGHAM, AL VOLTA10 / BOOTH #D10 GUIDO H. MAUS Owner   Installation:  Was this the first time Beta Pictoris Gallery has exhibited at Basel? …

Nicholas Winter:  Through a Lens in Basel 0

Nicholas Winter: Through a Lens in Basel

Installation:  How has the environment of Basel inspired the direction of your work?  Nicholas Winter:  I’ve been in Basel for twelve years.  To be honest, …

GalleryLOG:  Faces of Art 0

GalleryLOG: Faces of Art

Installation was first introduced to GalleryLOG upon our arrival in Manhattan as we accepted the tremendous invitation to act as the main media partner for VOLTA …

Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides 0

Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides

Her images, originating in diverse locations including Iceland, New England, Alaska and Southern California, reveal an artistic practice that is deeply personal, yet universal, oscillating …

Visiting Vasa's Studio 1

Visiting Vasa’s Studio

  Over time the configurations of the set would change from leaning towers, to miniature fortresses, pyramids, or stacks.  Vasa’s work invites whoever may have …

David Eddington: Take Me to the River 1

David Eddington: Take Me to the River

The urban structure of Los Angeles illicit curiosity, particularly the series of twenty-seven bridges that run throughout Los Angeles connecting the San Fernando Valley to …

Lisa Adams: Location Unknown 1

Lisa Adams: Location Unknown

The viewer’s gaze unhinges the schism between a utopic past and a dystopic present, whose wrath is concealed by an arsenal of exacting moves executed …

Jay Brockman: Sunrise to Sunset 0

Jay Brockman: Sunrise to Sunset

A concrete jungle with no public transportation, LA was designed especially for the motorist thus traffic is an integral part of Brockman’s process.  It also …

Quam Odunsi: Stories from the Street 0

Quam Odunsi: Stories from the Street

  Featured image: Conceptual Artist Xvala’s Art Babies Street Art on Robertson Boulevard & Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles All images courtesy of Quam Odunsi