The Current Sea, Adam's Backyard,
The Current Sea, Adam’s Backyard, Animated GIF, 388 x 500 pixels, 2014


Stereoscopic GIF is one of our specialties, and we delight in the Retrofuturism of using a 150+ year old photographic process to make Digital Art. Much of our work is created organically throughout our day-to-day life, and this particular image was taken in our friend Adam’s backyard. Adam is a talented painter who lives in an artist enclave above Silver Lake, which offers no end of interesting curiosities. Brian sports a rad shirt (it literally says “Radical” all over it) alongside his girlfriend Angg, in front of fake palm trees that obscure real palm trees.

We must embrace humorously artificial scenarios and styles, as they’ve become the norm of the 21st century. There is beauty in all things, even the gauchest of human fabrications, and it’s only by sorting through the cultural detritus of the present that the humanist truths of the future will emerge. We have inherited a Society of Spectacle, and it is up to us to make such a spectacle of Spectacle that Sincerity has no choice but to make a comeback.


Featured image © Installation Magazine