Created by Out of the Dark, Field has become a must-see public installation.  Located in Sydney, Australia this maze of mirrors has become a playground for hundred of daily visitors.  As part of the Art & About Sydney Festival, 81 mirrored posts, 2.4 meters tall cover the 25 square meter space of the iconic Hyde Park.

The grid of mirrors celebrates the natural landscape of the park as well as the urban environment of the city.  This dynamic installation creates an analogous image for the viewer participating actively or simply passing though the park.  The fun doesn’t stop at daylight, the posts illuminate at night expanding the playtime and the park’s environment.

Field closes this Sunday, October 20th  so if you have the opportunity to experience this installation, go look at yourself in the mirror!  But if you already have plans, you will get another chance in February 2014, Field will be installed at Splore Festival in Tapapakanga Regional Park, Auckland, New Zealand from the 14th to the 16th.


Featured Video: Field, 2013 ©Out of the Dark