Forgot your laptop at the office? With the Coworking Table you can rest assured that your valuables are locked and secure.  

Designed by Zaarchitects, an architectural practice founded in 2009 by Dmitriy Zhuykov and Arina Agieieva, the Coworking Table optimizes the functionality of the office space.  The top cover conceals and locks your gadgets inside.  When the cover is opened it creates a private, soundproof work space.  With three hidden built-in outlets for wires and adapters, the table always looks sleek and its detachable legs allow you to take your desk with you.


Image of the Coworker Table courtesy of Zaarchitects
The Coworking Table


Anatomy Scheme of the Coworker Table courtesy of Zaarchitects
Anatomy scheme of the Coworking Table


Featured image: the Coworking Table in multiple colors, all images courtesy of Zaarchitects