• Best of Evolve 2013

    Issue 05  /  Eric Franklin: The Body Electric As an artistic medium, glass is an anomaly— at once sturdy and then vulnerable to the elements.  Eric Franklin‘s handmade borosilicate glass and ionized neon sculptures enliven and illuminate the anatomical model.  While sculptures in the Skull and Embodiment series are loaded with a post-mortem theme, they are in fact […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments January 16, 2014
  • Alternative Limb Project: Extreme Extremity

    So often when we discuss art, we consider the work as the result of an artist’s gesture or understand the medium as being an extension of the artist’s hand.  In founding the Alternative Limb Project in 2011, Sophie De Oliveira Barata turned the conversation on its head and made the prosthetic hand (or leg) the […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments May 4, 2013