• Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides

    Her images, originating in diverse locations including Iceland, New England, Alaska and Southern California, reveal an artistic practice that is deeply personal, yet universal, oscillating between anxiety and yearning for a better world.  Kaur’s haunting, signature use of light betrays unexpressed desires lurking behind her subjects’ ruminative gazes, while the eerily perfect settings feel inhabited […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments August 24, 2014
  • Roberto Calbucci: Between the Lines

    Roberto Calbucci examines the world through a macro and micro lens, investigating every nuance of the artist’s experience as well as the philosophical theorems that ordain the universe. Installation Magazine: We were first introduced to your work through Hollis Brown Thornton.  In our recent interview he cited you as a peer who has had an influence […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments April 26, 2013
  • Siri Kaur: Looking Forward Into the Past

    On a crisp spring morning the early fog lifts like a fine vapor, ascending to the clouds, so that the city below the Griffith Park Observatory gains definition.  Through the clunky and rusted metal binoculars perched along the perimeter, Los Angeles lays below with each neighborhood, area, and zip code appearing as one giant artery […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments June 1, 2012