• “I, Cyborg” Curated by William Corwin

    “I, Cyborg,” on view at Gazelli Art House in London from October 6 through November 12, is an iteration of the exhibit “Cyborg” at Zurcher Gallery in New York, which was on display in December of 2015. “I, Cyborg” is an investigation into the confluence between cutting-edge philosophical, sociological and scientific interpretations of what it […]

    William Corwin 0 Comments November 8, 2016
  • The Textile Ceramic: Elisabeth Kley at VOLTA NY

    I sometimes use decorative faces on bottles because I like it when things look at you, as if they are ready to come alive and change – like a drag performer putting on makeup.  More recently, I’ve become even fonder of large, aggressive flowers.  Many of my visual references, garish Russian textiles, Renaissance and Baroque […]

    Elisabeth Kley 0 Comments March 11, 2014
  • Sculptural Designs at Zona MACO

    Representing Mexican producers, firms and artisans, México en BLANCO showcases the colorful contemporary vision tourists are astounded by when visiting Mexico.  The  textures, rich architecture and craftsmanship that characterize the artistic vision of the country.  Works by México en BLANCO’s founder Alberto Burgaleta and Meño will be exhibited this year as part of their proposal to focus on new sculptural […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments February 9, 2014
  • Diego Valles: The Light of Mata Ortiz

    Diego Valles has revitalized the tradition of Mexican Ceramics.  A native of Mata Ortiz, a small village in Chihuahua, Mexico less than 100 miles from the US-Mexico border, Valles has found his voice in the magic of the past. My passion has always been art.  I sculpt and paint as a distraction from my daily […]

    Diego Valles 0 Comments December 12, 2013
  • Adam Silverman at Laguna Art Museum: Clay and Space

    I am not trained as a potter.  I have taken lots of classes over the years, but always for pleasure and never as a real ceramics student.  My training is in architecture, in the context of art and design school, so I do not have the expertise to know where “traditional techniques” and “experimental techniques” […]

    Adam Silverman 0 Comments October 25, 2013
  • Rizzoli Books

    In conjunction with Italian Press Skira Editore and Rizzoli Books, Installation previews some of their finest and most beautifully designed picks for this week’s Collect, ranging from the Design and Applied Arts to Photography and Fashion.   Adam Silverman Ceramics Foreword by Shepard Fairey, Texts by Lisa Gabrielle Mark, Brooke Hodge, Julie Lazar, and Kulapat Yantrasast This debut edition […]

    Rizzoli Books 0 Comments October 23, 2013