• Kadar Brock: The Gesture of a Mark

    Brooklyn-based abstraction alchemist Kadar Brock approaches his paintings as objects themselves, sanding and abrading them and extracting colorful remnants from old canvases as surface materials and activated media toward new works. His process of creation, deletion, recycling, and renewal achieves results that blur the line between painting and sculpture, waste and reward.

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments June 12, 2014
  • Christian Patterson

    In Sound Affects New York based photographer Christian Patterson celebrates the artifice of an atmosphere in large C-prints.  Tacky bars bathed in neon light and kitsch decor, trinkets collecting dust, and destinations like Skateland that conjure a sense of nostalgia.  Christian Patterson guides us in the footsteps of a stranger, a subject that is never […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 6, 2013
  • Mark Schoening: Perspectival Shift

    Mark Schoening’s works are explosive.  The compositions appear as though they were created in one, single effortless gesture.  Two-dimensional space is transformed into a three-dimensional optical playground.  Shards of confetti, submersed in bleeding black inks glow from beneath a hard-candy resin veneer.  Schoening’s works exude a palpable energy and demonstrate a playful manipulation of surface […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments March 21, 2013