• Josh Dorman at VOLTA NY

      In my work I am constantly wandering, seeking form echoes, contrasting ideas– from the biological to the mechanical. Spaces, scale and meaning can shift within moments and within centimeters on the canvas.  For better or worse, as my brain moves between thoughts, I follow them with paint and bits of collage.  My works are […]

    Josh Dorman 0 Comments April 4, 2014
  • Manny Prieres: On the Fringe

    In the Black Book series, Manny Prieres investigates books that bind American culture.  The pillars of literature often have a controversial history: banned, burned and reviled, these titles become even more appealing once they are marked as taboo.  What does mainstream culture want to hide? Prieres’s renderings are deceptively simple conveyed in various shades of black. […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments March 13, 2013