• National Film Board of Canada Launches Circa 1948

    Circa 1948 offers a non-linear approach to storytelling through an interactive platform that brings creativity to a new level of exploration.  NFB’s Digital studio and artist Stan Douglas created a real-time 3D photorealistic environment that uses the native functions of the iPad and iPhone to enable the viewer to craft their own path within 1948’s […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments April 22, 2014
  • Chris Otcasek Goes Lo Def

    An artist’s eye is always open.  Los Angeles artist Chris Otcasek  soaks in the visual vernacular of his urban environment by documenting the subtle patterns and symmetry that often go unnoticed.  Using an iPhone as a photo journal to capture his discoveries, scenes are cropped within the frame without the use of filters and then […]

    Chris Otcasek 0 Comments August 2, 2013