• Ana Teresa Fernández

    There are five questions we always ask ourselves as readers, writers and critics of the arts, “Who, What, Where, When, and Why.”  Social sculptor and artist Ana Teresa Fernández along with designer and architect Johanna Grawunder created five illuminated sculptures you can find installed around the 5M campus in San Francisco.  Located in key adjacent public spaces these simple questions make the […]

    Ana Teresa Fernández 0 Comments December 13, 2013
  • Devin Briggs: 35mm

    Devin Briggs is fearless behind the lens of his camera.  Photographing friends and strangers with similar curiosity, his series of images reflect an urban tableau of chance. Graffiti shot This photo was taken at the legendary Mt. Baldy pipe, one of my all-time favorite skate spots.  It is of my friend, and infamous graffiti writer […]

    Devin Briggs 0 Comments September 27, 2013