• FriendsWithYou: At the Mall

    Installation’s Vanguard FriendsWithYou are always on the move, sharing their whimsical video animations, plush toys and inflatable sculptures.  Their design aesthetic brightens dark corners and invites viewers of all ages to immerse themselves inside a world of fantastical wonderment.  Their philosophy is perfectly aligned with The Arts Initiative, a new collective founded by Arthur Weiner, that […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments August 30, 2013
  • FriendsWithYou: Behind the Curtain

    Say hello to FriendsWithYou.  For more than a decade they have created a world of whimsical characters, playful animations, plush toys and inflatable installations.  Recently the duo relocated to a secret location somewhere in Los Angeles and Installation sent Daniel Rolnik out to find them.  FriendsWithYou will join a lineup of ten nationally and internationally […]

    Daniel Rolnik 0 Comments August 2, 2013