• The Ethnographic Journals of Gregory Siff

    “Did we forget? Life is a thrill!” The studio echoes with the unmistakable charismatic voice of Gregory Siff. The proclamation is accentuated by the cadence of his Brooklyn accent and while much of his face is covered by a cloth mask bearing the official logo of the Major League Baseball commission there are traces of […]

    A. Moret No responses December 3, 2020
  • Tait Hawes: A Little Book of Nudies

    Tait Hawes is the Managing Art Director at Vans.  While the culture of Vans embraces Hawes’ sensibility, he still looks to his own practice as a creative outlet, thus giving life to January.  Hawes has a motto, “Shut up and make shit.  Forget about the results.”  It seems to be working out well for him. […]

    A. Moret 2 responses July 12, 2013