This week we have reached our double numbers.  10 weeks ago Installation made the decision to change our editorial calendar in a big way and transition from a quarterly to a weekly publication.  Our readers wanted more Installation more often, and we really took their request to heart.  Our commitment to publishing original content that invites readers around the world to engage in a conversation about art has remained unwavering.  The weekly format has offered us the opportunity to share our discoveries, insights, and curiosities about artists and their practices in a way that we never imagined.  Every week we get to engage with the news that matters to us most.  We would like to thank our readers who support our publication each week and the contributors who have been a part of our first 10 issues.

In keeping with a jovial spirit, Issue 10 celebrates collaboration.  We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with artists in the past to create truly original covers.  A special thanks is in order for Beat musician Lost Midas and artist Rob Tarbell.  We look forward to developing more original content with artists in issues to come.  Emerge featured artist David O’Malley reveals a new work exclusively for our readers.  Discover traces the collaboration between curator Daniel Rolnik and artist Ryan McIntosh who have worked together to hand pick a group of artists and create original screen prints for the upcoming Venice Art Walk.  Our exclusive feature covers the first pop-up to ever be included in the 34-year history of the Venice Art Walk.  In Collect we offer a sneak peek to littlewhitehead’s second solo exhibition at Marine Contemporary Unfinished Business with commentary from the artists and gallerist Claressinka Anderson.  In Collaborate we invited Shauna Miller, founder of Penny Chic to pair three Contemporary works of art with fashion ensembles.  A true issue of “firsts” we are pleased to present you with Issue 10.