• Splinter Works’ Bodice Rocker

    Sculpture meets function with a fresh design twist.  The Bodice Rocker sculpted by Splinter Works founder and artist Matt Withington was developed with co-founder Miles Hartwell to pair the art of illusion with sophisticated design.  The Bodice fits the rocker ergonomically while remaining incredibly buoyant.         All images © Splinter Works

    Installation Magazine No responses October 4, 2013
  • Andrei Hakhovich: Gradient Matter

    Gradient Matter is an emerging ideas-driven multidisciplinary design studio founded by Andrei Hakhovich.  The studio’s work is focusing on production of environments, scenarios and digital crafts which are highly specialized, engaging, ecological, performative and have a sensorial impact on users. In my design process, rather than being descriptive, I create a constrained system with feedback […]

    Andrei Hakhovich No responses October 4, 2013