• Progeny: An International Collaborative Project

    Artists are creatures of habit and their methodology and fastidious nature can be likened to other creatures in nature.  The Progeny Project was conceived by sound artist, Luke Aaron Clark and visual artist, Bryce Hammond.  “Progeny” is defined as “a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring.”   The immersive architectural sound installation measuring […]

    Luke Aaron Clark No responses November 27, 2013
  • Giving Thanks, An Interview with Gregory Siff

    For the third installment of Homework we thought we’d change it up.  A. Moret spoke with Gregory Siff in his humble studio space that he calls “the treehouse.”  The entire wall is lined with asymmetrical messages and signatures, scribbled in paint left by artists and friends.  Since his installation at Helmut Lang, he hasn’t stopped […]

    A. Moret No responses November 27, 2013
  • Artworks for the Cure

    In the spirit of the holidays,  Installation Magazine is proud to partner with the TJ Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest foundation that funds innovative research to find the cure for cancer, leukemia and AIDS.  Each year the Foundation hosts Artworks for the Cure, an auction with an extensive roster of artists working in mediums like photography […]

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