Through my work I want to stimulate our dreams, experimentation and humor.  I evoke the magic and reveal perspectives that we all too often lack in everyday life.  I constantly seek my own realities in order to invent and then discard systems and structures.  Art allows me to forge spaces that create sensuality, to explore new possibilities, reject clichés and prejudices, orchestrate the beautiful, and ask questions.


Katja Loher, CCD Bubble, © C24 Gallery
Katja Loher, CCD Bubble © C24 Gallery


I collaborate with many people to create a unique experience for the viewer.  I join forces with dancers, actors, choreographers, costume designers, musicians, various video personal to stage and record my magical worlds of androgynous characters performing precise dance routines.  This model of collaboration mirrors the underlying theme of my videos: the balance of our planet depends on a combination of individual initiative and collective effort.


Katja Loher, Solar System, © C24 Gallery
Katja Loher, Solar System © C24 Gallery


Represented by C24 Gallery Swiss artist Katja Loher has propelled the next generation of video art forward in a highly accessible and tantalizing way.  Video art traditionally has been enslaved by bulky technology and the screen/projector format.  However, Loher’s work is liberated from the constraints of technological paraphernalia and a flat screen format.


Katja Loher, Timebubble/ Spacebubble, © C24 Gallery
Katja Loher, Timebubble/ Spacebubble © C24 Gallery


Based in New York, C24 Gallery opened its doors in 2011.  The galleries focus is the representation of an international group of mid-career contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, video, installation, and photography.


Katja Loher, Triplebubble, © C24 Gallery
Katja Loher, Triplebubble © C24 Gallery


Katja Loher, Where is the Center of...?, © C24 Gallery
Katja Loher, Where is the Center of…? © C24 Gallery


Featured image: Katja Loher, Triplebubble © C24 Gallery
All images © C24 Gallery