We fuse technology with art and make artists, galleries, fairs, and museums more accessible to everyone.

Founded in 2011 by A. Moret, Installation Magazine, The First All-Digital Contemporary Art magazine for the iPad, iPhone, and web, is a weekly, curated fine arts and lifestyle publication. We juxtapose thoughtful analysis with visceral, lucid, and imaginative photography and art direction.  As the architects of tomorrow, Installation features innovators, emerging voices, and profiles of rising international talent across all creative disciplines in our six original editorial departments.  Installation celebrates the artist’s voice and process in their own words. Installation is a:

  • Multi-media company producing cross-platform art programming
  • Creative incubator fostering talent through live activations
  • Cultural partner to the arts and sciences
  • Magazine exclusively published online, and made for the iPad/iPhone

Art should be a source of conversation, not intimidation.™

While our content includes art and design, across a variety of medium and practices, we have six unique editorial tags that offer a different way of discovering inspiring creative works:


Multi-disciplinary emerging artists and creatives exploring the possibilities of their medium.  Each week, we highlight talent in the fields of fine art, film, music, design, fashion, and more. Whether they are just emerging on the scene or experimenting with a new style, Installation finds them first.


Presentation of artisans and documentation of craftsmanship displaying incredible attention to detail and beauty.  From the sketch books of an artist’s studio to experiments in a science lab, Installation travels the world in search for unique, unexpected artisanal practices to share with you.


Invited curators showcase a unique digital collection of Contemporary artworks available for purchase.  View our weekly installations of art, design, screenprints and limited edition products, immediately available right from our pages!


Tools, products and technology that enrich your creative endeavors.  From a great set of color rich acrylics, the perfect traveling photo developing kit, intelligent design or sound advice, Evolve is always changing to keep you inspired.


Nothing is more accessible than large-scale, public artworks. There’s art all around you, Installation challenges our readers to interact with the art around them. True to our name, we conduct an in-depth investigation from the initial renderings to the public reaction with exclusive insight from the artist and curator.


Get schooled on the front lines of contemporary culture. Vanguard profiles our generation’s future leaders in art, science, media and technology. Topics of exploration include Art + Sciences (creative arts), Social Studies (critical thinking), and Start Up (business and technology).



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Installation Media and Magazine offer dynamic cultural, advertorial and event-specific activations that make art more accessible and engage public conversation. As a creative source, curator, event organizer or media-rich platform, Installation partners with the most influential art fairs, museums, galleries, cultural institutions, education organizations, non-profits and like-minded brands. Learn more about who we are and the audience we reach.

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Installation Magazine’s editorial team works with our cultural, media and brand partners to source ongoing artist and creative features. We discover artists working in the traditional gallery/museum platform as well as in non-traditional spaces, especially online or those using technology in innovative ways. We champion emerging artists, Los Angeles and vanguards. If you are or represent an artist, creative, product, or brand – we’re all ears.

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