• Pulp Fiction

    A note on the cover: The creative process is one that comes full circle.  When Installation Magazine was first introduced to the world, we were in print.  We were fortunate enough that Hugh Holland’s photograph “The Spectators” appeared on the cover.  Several years ago, Mona Kuhn collaborated with The Billboard Creative and fell in love with […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments May 22, 2019
  • Elias Tahan

    The first impression that every Installation reader experiences is our signature interactive cover.  There is something particularly mezmering about our 20+20 cover.  Filmed by our featured photographer Elias Tahan in black and white, a fresh faced Zach Magill dances to a pop beat on a soundstage.  With his hair slicked back in a faux pompadour, […]

    Elias Tahan 0 Comments November 13, 2013