Maxwell Williams Maxwell Williams is a writer and curator based in Rampart Village, Los Angeles. He received his BFA in Creative Writing at Florida State University and is currently the West Coast Editor of Wilder Quarterly, a gardening journal. From 2009 - 2012, Williams was the Executive Editor of Flaunt Magazine. From 2004 - 2008, he was the Senior Editor at Tokion Magazine.
  • Maxwell Williams: Faith in the Home Team From 2009 to 2012 you couldn’t pick up an issue of Flaunt without seeing Maxwell Williams’ name.  He was the driving voice behind the editorial content and curated many of the magazine’s stunning covers.  Currently, Williams is the West Coast editor of Wilder Quarterly and contributes to AnOther Magazine, Interview, Bulletin Media, and Good.   Writing […] No responses March 19, 2013