• Ryan Martin at VOLTA NY

    The paintings of San Francisco based Ryan Martin are hypnotic in their rich color and harken to the tradition when painters were inspired by a muse. His work captured our attention at VOLTA NY as it straddled the lines between an unapologetic imagination and fantastic vision.             Featured Image:  Ryan Martin, Sweet Thing, oil on […]

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  • Robert Chamberlin at VOLTA NY

      The work recently shown in VOLTA is a continuation of Chamberlin’s last exhibition Fill Me Up.  The exhibition featured a series of 108 heavily decorated porcelain vessels were displayed exploring the theme of desire.  The artist’s concept of desire is explored through the titling of pieces; where some empty vessels are given specific names, […]

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  • Chris Barnard at VOLTA NY

    As an inspirational starting point, I have been thinking about the works of 19th Century landscape painters like Albert Bierstadt (see below) or Frederic Edwin Church, which depict the U.S. landscape as grand, transcendent, and even sublime. Painted from and for a European-American point of view, however, those works reflect and project a colonial gaze—one […]

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  • Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project

    The combination of frontal and reverse portraits allowed for the development of both personal and universal stories.  The children are presented as individuals; however, their stories speak to greater pervasive truths and problems within our society.  Told in their own words, their stories touch on some of our most pressing social issues and common human […]

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  • Darryll Schiff: The Barrage of the Digital World

    We were embedded with a strong technical craftsmanship because of the school’s New Bauhaus origins, yet at the same time we were led to be forward-thinking artists.  This could not have fit any better with my psyche and belief that as an artist, the tools we use are simply gateways to share our vision. Many […]

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  • Marc Yankus: The Space Between

    The Space Between, an exhibition of new work by the artist, will be on view at ClampArt from April 3 through May 17, 2014. Yankus’ fourth solo show at the gallery, the exhibition of more than 20 works explores the fine line between urban reality and architectural fiction though surreal portraits of buildings. Living in a mutable, […]

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