Main Section Committee Member, Patricia Ortiz Monasterio

Owner/co-Director of Galería OMR, Mexico City.  With studies in Museology and Art History, Patricia worked for the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico as Chief of the Exhibitions Department, curator and coordinator in various public Contemporary Art spaces, before opening OMR gallery in 1983.

How many galleries have been selected to participate in Zona MACO’s Main Section?

The Committee for Zona MACO’s Main Sector, consisting of José García, Ben Loveless and myself, has selected 71 galleries.

How does the committee select the galleries that will exhibit? Is there a particular criteria that is considered?

Different aspects are taken into consideration.  The history and quality of the gallery, the artists it represents, their general program, the influence or notoriety in the international or local sphere.  We also try to maintain a balance of nationalities as well as local and international galleries.  We are aware that there is a lot of competition with other art fairs and that in order to thrive MACO needs to have a distinct personality, we look for interesting young and innovative galleries with a special focus on Latin America.

Do you have any influence on the artists that each gallery exhibits? Or does the gallery decide?

Every gallery included is free to bring their own selection of artists and artworks.  In some cases with new galleries that have a wide range of artists we have a dialog in order to suggest the best possible presentation.

Is the committee involved in determining which artists will create site-specific installations for Zona MACO?

Each gallery negotiates with their artists to create installations.

What is the dynamic among the members of the committee? How do your diverse backgrounds complement each other?

It is always important to have diverse backgrounds and outlooks within the Committee.  Deliberations are richer and the outcome is interesting.  At the end of the day a consensus must be reached and it is usually a fun and compelling situation.

What galleries or artists stand out?

Juana de Aizpuru is arguably Spain’s most interesting and important gallery with an independent and very personal style.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Elastic from Malmö, Sweden and Neu from Berlin, Germany.


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