Zona MACO Sur Curator Juan A. Gaitán

Juan A. Gaitán is a curator and writer, based in Mexico City and Berlin.  He is currently the Artistic Director of the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.

Has the curation always been a part of Zona MACO’s programming? If not, when did it begin and what inspired its creation?

From what I remember, about five years ago Adriano Pedrosa proposed Zona MACO Sur as a way to establish a section focused first on Latin America and soon after, under him as well, it began to expand to other regions outside the established centers in the Contemporary Art circuit.

How many galleries/ artists have received invitations to participate in Zona MACO Sur?

Around 20 galleries are invited each year.

What is the criteria that an artist or gallery must meet to be a part of Zona MACO Sur?

Each year the section has a different curatorial approach.  This year I wanted to show works that represent the investigations that artists make into their own medium of expression, be this sculpture, drawing, video, and so on.  I want to expose the potential the medium has to escape from its more quotidian uses.

Do you see a theme throughout your selection of galleries or artists?

More than a theme I see a commonality of approaches to art making and a shared passion for the potential of art to transcend the more prosaic aspects of our everyday life.

What galleries or artists stand out?

I find the whole section equally engaging and exciting! It’s very hard to highlight one or two or three from 20 excellent projects and presentations.


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