• Lisa M. Robinson

    The air is still.  The snow is like a cocoon, swallowing the land it touches, and outlines the geometry of domestic environments.  In her series Snowbound Lisa M. Robinson presents controlled compositions of outdoor destinations like a basketball court and a trampoline that have no function in the winter months other than to collect the […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 7, 2013
  • Chie Yamayoshi Captures Ephemeral Eternity

    Following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011, artist Chie Yamayoshi looked to the annual blooming of the Japanese Cherry Blossom as a source of inspiration and renewal.  An incredibly rare and transient event, Yamayoshi layers artificiality with the natural world by replicating the blooming through an 8-channel projection.  Immersed within the installation […]

    Chie Yamayoshi 0 Comments November 6, 2013
  • Pej Behdarvand

    We came across the series Dreaming California by Los Angeles photographer Pej Behdarvand on the Dkrm Gallery list of past exhibitions.  Rarely do we consider the Pacific Ocean at night, but lit but a luminous moon endless shades of black and grey emerge.  A native Angeleno the large-scale oceanic landscapes felt inspired by the noire […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 5, 2013
  • Tim Navis

    Installation Magazine has had the opportunity to collaborate with Tim Navis on our debut issue California and in 20+20, that’s because we’re inspired by the beauty that he captures in the humble perimeters of the camera lens.  While we share the same free-wheelin’ California spirit, Navis’s editorial and travel photographs are daring, gorgeous, and irresistible […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 5, 2013
  • Matthew Brandt

    Intrigued by experimental photographic methods, Matthew Brandt’s series Lakes and Reservoirs focuses on salted-paper printing.  When visiting the bodies of water documented in the series, Brandt collected water samples and later introduced those samples while developing the images in the darkroom.  The water literally soaks the photograph as it develops and inextricably links the subject […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 4, 2013
  • Chris Anthony

    The photographs of Angeleno Chris Anthony feel like paintings, loaded with mystery as the subject is captured from a great distance in the wake of the tide running back and forth. In his series Venice , an ominous looms overhead and quotidian actions like sweeping and riding a bicycle take place in the Pacific Ocean. […]

    Installation Magazine 0 Comments November 4, 2013