A. Moret Founder, Artistic Director & Editor-in-Chief. Moret has developed a fine art editorial background in her contributions to regional and national publications. Before founding Installation, she was a member of the editorial team of the Los Angeles Times Magazine. A collector and art enthusiast, Moret curates our weekly features and inspiring collaborations.
  • To Understand Time The bull horns have followed Gregory Siff to every studio he has ever had. The horns both signify the beauty of nature’s ferocity and channel the past in subtle whispers. Over the years, the horns collected the natural debris of airborne paint particles before they dried,  continually charged with the energy of ideas developed day in […] No responses March 30, 2024
  • She BAM! The canvas acts as a portal through which to explore the landscape of Theresa Möller- an environment defined by vibrant hues of nature in full bloom that trigger the senses.           Featured Image: Theresa-Möller, “Swamp,” 2022 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 190 cm Image © Guy L Heureux, Courtesy […] No responses June 12, 2022
  • Kouri + Corrao By channeling symbology and ritual abundant in her Korean heritage, Jen Pack illuminates dark, handmade frames into an exploration of color through the meticulous weaving of string.  From the darkness, a light emerges and slowly unravels a dialogue rich in language symbols and gender.                       […] No responses June 12, 2022
  • Jonathan LeVine Projects The monolithic sculptures of Kumkum Fernando look to the future in their design language but pay homage to the past in their handmade construction and collaboration with Southeast Asian artisans.  The forms revel in their celebration of ritual as they are born from a labor-intensive and secretive process that transforms robots into idols.   Kumkum’s sculptures […] No responses June 11, 2022
  • INDA Gallery Presenting the works of three artists in each in a different moment of their career, INDA Gallery presents the perspectives of Zsofia Schweger, Rita Suveges, and Matthias van Arkel. Each artist employs a rigorous technique and material to reflect the themes present in their work and reconnects us, their audience with aspects, senses, and ideas […] No responses June 9, 2022
  • Galerie Ernst Hilger There is a visceral and lyrical quality embedded within the fibers of  Jakob Kirchmayr’s work.  Like a palimpsest that reveals itself over time, the mixed media works integrate handwritten messages that guide the viewer along the landscape of memory.  The artist’s hand is in rich in texture and presents a meditation on materials and surface […] No responses June 9, 2022