Creative Director’s Note

From the inception of Installation Magazine, our goal was to shed light on incredible emerging and established artists, curate an international selection of visceral and inspiring works, and bring innovation to the art publishing industry.  Two years ago, we began developing a digital experience, an art journal that could offer a tactile and immediate connection to Contemporary art.  With California, we presented to you the very first all-digital contemporary art magazine for the iPad, designed from the ground up for a touch-interface, and capable of including content that no other printed art publication could offer.  Today, Installation Magazine is not only an art publication, but also a means for technological discoveries, and the limits to its creativity and potential are only virtual.


As a voice for American artists, and a vehicle for discovery beyond – Installation Magazine’s readership reached over 18,000 in just four short weeks of our launch.  With a successful release within the United States, we’re excited to announce that Installation Magazine is now available in over 60 countries.  Being featured as a “New and Noteworthy” and “Staff Pick” by the Apple iTunes App Store was an incredible honor and with the support of our publishing platform, Mag+, we were able to instantly deliver an overwhelming number of copies of our first issue, California, to readers like you.

Many people have shared their praises and feedback, and we dutifully considered each and every one.  Starting with this issue, we’ve incorporated a “smart issue delivery” system to bring you the best reading experience, whether you own an iPad 1 and 2, or the 3rd generation iPad.  While we deliver high definition visual content on all three devices, you can now get up-close to art with retina display graphics on the new iPad, and enjoy incredibly crisp text.  Access razor sharp images, HD video interviews and motion graphics that help convey our stories from wherever you are in the world, as very few features require an Internet connection to fully enjoy the content we created for you.

Please continue to trust in us as we are always listening to you.


Featured image: Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Rangda, charcoal on paper, 183 cm x 117 cm, 2004