Peter Frank
  • Global Women Project: Portraits of Change, Women Making A Difference PART TWO. Peter Frank, curator of the Global Women Project, shares his insight with Installation on the project and its founding artist, California-based Jennifer White Kuri. The Global Women Project is a work in progress of painted portraitures of influential women. Once complete it will be shown in its entirety, paintings and related materials, in […] 4 responses August 16, 2013
  • ICASTICA 1, The 2013 Project: Glocal Women PART ONE.  Peter Frank’s insight into ICASTICA’s inaugural exhibition, Glocal Women.  A cultural resurgence of the old Tuscan city (“local”) and the multicultural amalgam of women in art from around the world (“global”).  Next week Peter explores the works of Jennifer White Kuri the artist behind Global Women Project, a work in progress of painted […] One response August 9, 2013