All of those questions not only may go through the minds of exhibitors, but also through ours and the thousands of visitors that will walk the VOLTA canals. As we previewed the work, witnessing the installation several days before the doors opened to the public, we particularly paid attention to two special projects that quietly crafted their unique presentations nestled in between paintings, sculpture, photographs and installations.

GalleryLOG and Bad At Sports are offering new ways to think and discuss art concepts, artist philosophies, and the art market at large.  Installation strives to make art more accessible and focus content around the “#ArtMeetsTechnology hashtag,” and we were pleased to find common threads between our organizations. Their platforms act as a catalyst that spark conversations, ask questions and makes “art talk” more palpable so that audiences can consume rich content that they not only relate to, but also enjoy.

At the first day of VOLTA NY, we were able to sit down and talk with GalleryLOG’s Bahram Safinia as well as get into a “dual interview” with Bad At Sports’ Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder.  Stay tuned for their upcoming full interview features in Installation Magazine!

Featured Image:  A. Moret with the Bad at Sports team.  Photo by Garet Field-Sells.