• California English: From House to Home

    A moss green 1972 Mercedes 280 SEL rounds the corner and turns into the driveway of a charming 1920’s Spanish Colonial Revival house in Rancho Park.  Matching green hub caps lined in chrome and white wall tires accent this pristine vintage ride.  The car embodies the aesthetic of it’s owner’s company: sleek, vintage, and authentic. […]

    A. Moret No responses March 13, 2013
  • Quam Odunsi: Analogue

    A wall of immaculate vintage film and video cameras lined the entryway of Quam Odunsi’s first LA solo exhibition Anachronistic Capture: Motion & Stills at Design Matters. In a moment characterized by rapidly transmitted digital images, Odunsi’s conviction to document the world through analogue lens types such as Polaroid, Fujiroid, 35mm, and Super 8mm film […]

    A. Moret No responses June 1, 2012
  • Kid Zoom

    The “home” is our first “first”— where milestones of our development occur, where hearts are broken then mended, and family dinners occur every night like clockwork.  It is also the site where we develop a sense of trust about the world beyond the security of the home. Whether we’ve grown up in a “house” or […]

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  • Paul Fraser: Collective Contributions

    The museum is a sacred space revered by its members for the privilege to engage in a dialogue with works of art.  Los Angeles based composer and sound designer Paul Fraser has reconsidered our relationship to spaces like the Getty Museum and designed sound pieces to engage the community in a performance outside of the […]

    A. Moret No responses June 1, 2012
  • Andrew Evans: A Vague Terrain

    There were once stores so busy that parking lots expanded for miles to accommodate their traffic. There were once gas stations so coordinated that travelers were easily accommodated to and from their destinations.  There were once industrial parks so filled with work and productivity that the idea of an economic collapse seemed ludicrous, almost unreasonable. […]

    Tony Chavira No responses June 1, 2012
  • Chris Engman: Exploring the Angles of Reality

    “I’m sure that I prolong my life through these things.” – Chris Engman Work by Chris Engman, photos courtesy of Luis De Jesus Los Angeles Imagine glancing quickly past photographer Chris Engman’s work, Transplant—where the entire image of a tree is constructed using panels of images—while in development.  Is it any less real when you […]

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