Devin Briggs is fearless behind the lens of his camera.  Photographing friends and strangers with similar curiosity, his series of images reflect an urban tableau of chance.

Graffiti shot

This photo was taken at the legendary Mt. Baldy pipe, one of my all-time favorite skate spots.  It is of my friend, and infamous graffiti writer “Remio.”


Devin Briggs, Graffiti shot, Photography
Devin Briggs, Graffiti shot, 35 mm film, 2012


Girl Crying

This photo was shot in downtown Huntington Beach.  This woman was crying, and I really wanted a picture of it, Ed Templeton and his wife Deanna were with me and challenged me to take this picture, so I went for it.  Luckily I didn’t get punched …


Devin Briggs, Girl Crying, Photography
Devin Briggs, Girl Crying, 35 mm, 2013


Scary wheelchair guy

This photo was taken in Los Angeles as I was walking.  The guy was walking with this empty wheelchair and stopped right where I was and looked at me, so I quickly took his photograph and he just continued walking.


Devin Briggs, Scary wheelchair guy, Photography
Devin Briggs, Scary wheelchair guy, 35 mm film, 2013


Golden Gate Bridge

This is of my wonderful girlfriend Erin.  We love San Francisco and visit frequently.


Devin Briggs, Golden Gate Bridge, Photography
Devin Briggs, Golden Gate Bridge, 35 mm film, 2013


Group Shot

This was taken at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  I just like taking pictures of tourists anywhere.


Devin Briggs, Group Shot, Photography
Devin Briggs, Group Shot, 35 mm film, 2012


Sting Ray

This shot was taken on the Huntington Beach pier.  Most of the people that fish there are very cruel and torture the fish they catch.  These fishermen ended up cutting the tail off and throwing it back in the ocean, basically kill it slowly.


Devin Briggs, Stingray, Photography
Devin Briggs, Sting Ray, 35 mm film, 2012



I shot this photo at the Topanga lookout near Los Angeles, a very fun place to hike.


Devin Briggs, Rooftop, Photography
Devin Briggs, Rooftop, 35 mm film, 2013



This is my cat “Matilda.” My girlfriend Erin was checking her teeth.


Devin Briggs, Cat, Photography
Devin Briggs, Cat, 35 mm film, 2012


Crowd Shot

This was taken in Trash Talk’s warehouse in Los Angeles, an awesome band.  People were swinging on the rafters while they were playing.


Devin Briggs, Crowd Shot, Photography
Devin Briggs, Crowd Shot, 35 mm film, 2013



This was taken on the Huntington Beach pier.  I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, I take a lot of my photos on the pier and downtown.  The waves were really good that day.


Devin Briggs, Wave, Photography
Devin Briggs, Wave, 35 mm film, 2012


All images courtesy of the artist