If Installation’s 15th Issue were a sitcom, it’s title would be something like “the one written in the artist’s words.”  For the first time each editorial department is written by a different contributor and thus the magazine reads with a crescendo of nuance and perspective.  Contributing Editor Daniel Rolnik visited Jen Stark’s Los Angeles studio in midst of paper sculptures being crated and shipped in preparation for her solo exhibition VORTEXTURAL at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, Canada.  Installation staffer Lily Duarte interviewed Gabriel de la Mora and translated the entire interview from the artist’s native Spanish to English.  The artist’s meticulous and exacting practice was certainly not lost in translation.  Artist Alana Dee Haynes has a collection of editorial photographs that serve as a template for her intricate drawings.  Her writing is raw and honest, revealing the inspiration behind the textures she applies in ink.  He may still be in art school, but Jason Guo is an artist who has quickly made his way on our radar.  Guo’s works are fantastically bizarre, complex and packed with potent observations about American culture and the environment of the gallery.  Chandler McWilliams returns to the pages of Installation not as a Discover feature but as an MFA graduate from CalArts ruminating on the age old tradition of the critique.

With each week, Installation hits a new milestone.  Last week we forged our own history by introducing our brand new, jam-packed website filled with all of our original editorial content and this week we invited the artists to speak about their work.  Who knows what lies in store next week? Oh wait… we do. Stay tuned.