Editor’s Letter


We often hear the word “trust” in quotidian culture as a way of conveying a promise.  Employed by advertising agencies, corporations, and the US government, “trust” has disintegrated into a sea of semantics tugged and pulled at will to construct a manufactured state of stability.

As certain as the rhythm of a beating heart, trust is not seen but remains deeply felt.  In this issue, Installation Magazine presents artists who exercise the will to wake up each morning and confront the same set of materials until they assume the voice of their maker.

Trust in their practice; whether its in the belief of colors they have never seen, surrendering to the divinity of the human form, recapturing fragments of fleeting memory, or containing the unknowable cosmos within a camera lens.  In (Blank) We Trust celebrates the unwavering commitment to taking  an artistic leap of faith and embrace the void.

Since the debut of California, Installation Magazine has contended with its own matters of trust.  As the first all digital contemporary art publication on the iPad, we look to earn the trust of art institutions, galleries, and fellow artists. We ask that our readers contemplate the theme of our issue as a personal reflection in order to fill in the “blank.”

“In (shaping the future of the art and creative publishing experience) we trust.”


Featured image: Simmons and Burke, INW Composites #3, C-print, edition of 6, 36 x 25″ , 2010

Courtesy of the artists and Michael Kohn Gallery