My work is just like meditation for me.  The basic principle of all my drawings is to illustrate fun and flowing compositions.  I try not to think about anything when I’m working because I like to immerse myself in the moment, I like to flow within the rhythm of the drawing.  As a result most of my works come from my subconsciousness.

I started this piece thinking of a flower within a frame, I thought that was a perfect theme for her, Devon Aoki.  In some of my works I explore language tricks and so I wanted to illustrate her in between a lot of different flowers because her name is 靑木花 which sounds like “Aoki-Hwa”, “花(Hwa)” means “Flower,” and “Hwa” means painting, and also means progression(-fy, -ize).


Minjae Lee, Devon, marker on paper, 2013
Minjae Lee, Devon, copic markers, white pen, and colored pencil on paper, 2013


I want to show this work simply as a beautiful piece because sometimes when people obsess over the meaning of a painting, they forget to enjoy the “beauty” of it.  I always add hidden images within my drawings in case the viewer wants to explore a deeper meaning.


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