With Newsweek leaving the institution of print, we’ve marked a new era in communication.  So all of a sudden, my inherited collection of every printed Newsweek issue since the 50’s goes from its original value, up once cent… maybe.  As much as we hold onto the idea of traditional print, or as sexy we might think it is due to its growing rarity, we just don’t communicate that way anymore.  Like innovation in technology, the creative practice ebbs and flows with new ideas affected by the current state of the world.  So if society has changed, or rather is changing, why should those who document and hold history archived, not? Instead of focusing on the status quo, we’d like to celebrate those who are shaping the future of publishing.  We are committed to our tablet and mobile platform, so let our ongoing investigation begin.



Medina Magazine

Price: Free

Release:  Monthly

A self-described cultural platform focused for those who see art, design and technology as a lifestyle– Medina Magazine observes the creative world around us and publishes their findings in a freshly outlined and intuitive layout.  Bold typography and borderless imagery highlight various mediums of art as well as commercial products in a hyper-connected environment.


British Journal of Photography

$9.99 per issue


A truly visionary curation of international works in photo and video formats, the British Journal of Photography inspired Installation to utilize the same Mag+ platform to publish our magazine.  The application of interaction is kept at a minimum with video or slideshow elements inspired from the featured work.  Like the rest of the major publishing world transitioning their reader-base from print to digital, they’ve had an interesting time resetting their readers expectations (i.e. the two and half star rating the application has on the App Store.)  However, the content is just as original and the product is well worth the slightly high price, if photography is your passion.



Bullett Magazine

$2.99 per issue

Release: Monthly

Launched in Winter 2010, Bullett Magazine quickly rose to the top of the independent, the cool, and everything mixed between.  Recently expanding their print edition onto the iPad – they have truly reformatted their traditional print layout into inspired and whimsical plays of text on digital paper.



Kitachi Magazine

Price: $2.99 per issue

Release: Quarterly

An international selection of design, people and business, Kitachi Magazine uses advance touch technology throughout the publication to further develop each issue’s theme.  A collection of East meets West, the magazine is both classic and modern, and achieves a heightened level of beauty in design that mirrors the wonderful curation of its features.




Price: $1.99 per issue

Release:  Every 2 weeks

Pilerats was created without a print counterpart, and delivers emerging artists working in art, music and fashion to you bi-weekly on the iPad and iPhone.  Directly connected to a generation of youth and free spirit, the people of Pilerats invite you to explore the unknown in Australia and around the world.