Installation first presented the work titled Tearing Shadows created by experimental film, video projection and installation artist Robert Seidel in Issue 09.  The artist will debut his latest installation grapheme, the multi-layered work is created by the artist’s personal memories, the participant’s reflection and the museum environment.  This permanent installation at the Museum Wiesbaden in Germany will premiere May 7th.  Enjoy this sneak peek of the installation & projection by Robert Seidel with music by Heiko Tippelt.


Robert Seidel, Projection Sculpture, 4 Projectors, Stereo Speakers, Mirror Wall,
Room Dimension : Width 4.8m, Height 2.9m, Depth 8.3m, 2014


Featured video: Installation & Projection: Robert Seidel, Music: Heiko Tippelt, Documentation: Christian Seeling & Robert Seidel, Museum Director: Dr. Alexander Klar, Associate Director: Dr. Jörg Daur, Curator & Project Initiator: Dr. Peter Forster, Setup Assistance: Clara Sawatzki, Technical Setup: Torsten Hasenclever & Michael Edler, Museum Support: Astrid Lembcke-Thiel, Museum PR: Evelyn Bergner & Annika Haas, Special Thanks to the Staff of the Museum Wiesbaden, Joern Bock and Nadine Szabó.


Images and video © of the artist