Installation Magazine offers a first look at Squidsoup’s video documentation from their recent project Submergence and Volume 4,096.



Squidsoup, a multi-media collective spread out across Norway, the United Kingdom and New Zealand explores the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.  Overcoming the limitations of digital media, Squidsoup has developed several innovative and immersive light installations.  Two of their recent projects, Submergence and Volume 4,096, explore the representation of and interaction with digital content in physical environments.

A veritable ocean of light, Submergence plunges the viewer into a three-dimensional grid of 8,064 LED lights that are timed to display new patterns and colors.  The installation is a visual symphony of crescendos and decrescendos, a visceral experience based in technological experimentation. It is a kaleidoscopic unfolding of color, touch, and sound.  Submergence is an ephemeral and temporary installation that will never exist in this iteration again though Squidsoup plans to present the installation in Bristol, United Kingdom and Geneva in the near future.

The sibling of Submergence, Volume 4,096 utilizes the same technology.  However, it is a permanent installation that hovers over the foyer at the Royal Society in New Zealand.  Volume 4,096 transforms the architecture of the space: ambient, distant, delicate and ominous.

volume 4,096 from squidsoup on Vimeo.

DSC00745 IMG_1221 submergence4 DSC00982


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