• GlassFloor: Game Changer

    Like a chameleon the ASB GlassFloor can change its surface to accommodate nearly any sport, indoor and outdoor.  One surface is all you need to play. Made from glass, ceramic and aluminum the GlassFloor combines the technology of tempered safety glass with LED light sequencing that changes with a simple touch of the remote.  A […]

    Installation Magazine No responses August 2, 2013
  • Light the Way

    Tired of constantly changing light bulbs? The CSYS  from Jake Dyson introduces an energy efficient design that insures the LED will last for 37+ years. Concealed inside the sleek CSYS is a sophisticated thermal monitoring system.  Channeling thermal energy through a heat pipe, the LED maintains a significantly cooler temperature thus lasting longer.     […]

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  • MonkeyLectric: And the Wheel Goes ‘Round

    MonkeyLetric adds a fresh spin to your two-wheeled ride. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, MonkeyLetric will be launching the latest light design to their product line up, the Monkey Light Pro in December.  Color the streets with 256 ultra-bright full color LED’s that boast unique animation and graphics inside the spokes and wheels of your […]

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  • Brad Downey: In the Street

    American born and Berlin based street artist Brad Downey intervenes with his environment using objects in an unconventional manner thereby questioning their inherent function.   An “art intervention” is not just an installation but something that intervenes on the common understanding of the space and object.  Downey was invited by the art collective lend|hauer this summer […]

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  • FriendsWithYou: Behind the Curtain

    Say hello to FriendsWithYou.  For more than a decade they have created a world of whimsical characters, playful animations, plush toys and inflatable installations.  Recently the duo relocated to a secret location somewhere in Los Angeles and Installation sent Daniel Rolnik out to find them.  FriendsWithYou will join a lineup of ten nationally and internationally […]

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  • Chris Otcasek Goes Lo Def

    An artist’s eye is always open.  Los Angeles artist Chris Otcasek  soaks in the visual vernacular of his urban environment by documenting the subtle patterns and symmetry that often go unnoticed.  Using an iPhone as a photo journal to capture his discoveries, scenes are cropped within the frame without the use of filters and then […]

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