• Behind The Momentum of United Visual Artists

    United Visual Artists talk to Installation about their latest installation Momentum at The Curve, Barbican Centre.  Understand the technology behind the collective’s immersive environment showcasing the physicality of the space through light and sound.  If you find yourself in London do not miss this experience, it is open to the public until 1 June, 2014.   Matthew Clark, […]

    United Visual Artists No responses March 20, 2014
  • Tatiana Botton: Tree of Life

    I shot this series in the Namib desert in the African country of Namibia. Personally, these Acacia trees represent the perfect image of the Tree of Life, the inspiration for this series.  The orange sand is caused by the oxidized iron in the sand.  The shapes of the trees contrast the fluidity of the dunes […]

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  • Maya Almeida: Underwater Dance

    I grew up in a creative environment.  I have been influenced by sculpture and architecture, I am drawn to dimensionality, shapes, structures and hard light from my early years. Sculptors like Giacometti, Brancusi and Alexander McQueen whose sculptural but romantic works are truly inspirational. In terms of great photographers I love the work and method […]

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  • Franck Berthuot: The Oceanic Lens

    French photographer, Franck Berthuot moved to Hawaii to pursue his passion – water photography.  He shares his black and white photographs from his travels to Maui, Tahiti and Paia.  Berthuot dived for hours and shot thousands of pictures until capturing the perfect moment.               All images © of the artist

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  • Mallory Morrison: Through the Fog

    During an unusually foggy week in Los Angeles, I found myself having a very visceral reaction to the weather and missing my native San Francisco. I took that feeling of homesickness and the visual idea of fog and put it in the water. The result was a mirror into my subconscious, the images told a […]

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