Design Curator Cecilia León de la Barra

Cecilia León de la Barra is an industrial designer, teacher, author, and curator, since 2000 she has been working as an independent designer and collaborating with other designers and architects.  She was co-founder of MOB (2001-2005), a design consultancy studio and showroom that developed furniture and interior design projects.  Since 2004, she is also co-founder of NEL, a collective of independent Mexican designers, who share a similar design philosophy, and that have been exhibiting their design solutions around the world.

The “Design” curation has recently been added to the Zona MACO programming.  Why is it important include limited edition design objects in the fair?

It’s important to curate this section so we can encourage buyers to start collecting contemporary design in México, there are very few design collections.  Part of this year’s program is to show limited editions in order to create a new market and add value to design in México.  We are trying to exhibit something different from the everyday objects in the designers’ studios, the galleries and the shops.

Has the popularity of Mexican design influenced the decision to include these collaborations?

Yes, more studios, companies or institutions from Mexico will be exhibiting, the idea is to make a strong local statement.  There is a lot going on in Mexican design and what better place to show it off than MACO.

What is the criteria in selecting design studios?

The criteria was to select design studios from around the world who are producing design, functional objects for everyday life and not artsy-design products.  After the selection we invited them to produce limited editions products especially for Zona MACO.

What studios stand out?

For this 2014 edition we will be exhibiting designers, companies, institutions, galleries and vintage shops.  I have much enthusiasm to see all of the exhibitors in the Design section, but if I think out loud, I’m curious to see what Hector Esrawe is preparing for this year, as well as Tane, a Mexican jewelry company that is relaunching its brand and emphasizing collaborations with new designers.  Also, Anfora, a tableware company is collaborating with great designers and artists.


All images © Zona MACO