• TUUUM: Collecting for the Future

    Established this year in New York City, Tuuum is the first artist-run community for discovering, collecting and purchasing artwork.  Their name is not an acronym or abbreviation but a word that imitates a sound.  This single, onomatopoetic syllable was borrowed from the sound poem Zang Tumb Tuuum written by Italian Futurist Filippo Marinetti in 1914.  The […]

    Tuuum 0 Comments August 16, 2013
  • Ray Sell: Visual Puns

    TurningArtist spotlight on Ray Sell. Installation Magazine: As a multi-media artist working with collage and painting, what source material do you tend to gravitate toward? Are there publications or advertisements from a certain decade that inspire you? Where do you find your source material? Ray Sell: The majority of my imagery is from the 1940’s to […]

    A. Moret 0 Comments April 26, 2013