Installation Magazine champions artful ideas produced for mobile technology; from smartphones to tablets, to any platform that facilitates a lifestyle influenced by contemporary art and design.  We had the pleasure to meet the team behind Wonder PL at VOLTA NY, a beautiful new offering that showcases curated, original video content.  With initial partners like The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), they present incredible, easily accessible visual treasures that inspired us to keep digging for inspiration.  Continuing our Art Apps Worth Collecting series that debuted stunners such as Artfinder, Wondereur, Samara, and (s)edition — we now introduce Wonder! Download and Discover…

Wonder PL

Fill your life with wonder.  Literally.  One of the most curated and beautifully designed video platforms we’ve ever seen, Wonder (Place) boasts, “When it comes to watching video, if it isn’t the best, we are not interested.”  Simplicity in design allows for a content driven presentation that maximizes the touch-based experience so you can keep on watching entertaining and truly informative content.  The video content ranges from Culture and Food, Wellness and Entertainment to everything in between, but don’t think that the app is simply a random collection of everything interesting.  Creating a Wonder account (for free) allows you to customize your experience, turning the app into a vessel for a unique experience each and every time.  Following your favorite content producers or types of content is intuitive as well. We’ll soon be announcing some projects in the works involving Wonder and our cultural partner, Culture Shock too! In the meantime, we strongly suggest for you to download and start wondering.


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