Art in real life returns with the third edition of the site-specific, international art exhibition Desert X.  The work of thirteen artists from eight countries will be exhibited across the Coachella Valley.  Opening March 12 and on view through May 16, 2021, Desert X is free and open to all.  Curated by Artistic Director Neville Wakefield​ and ​Co-Curator César García-Alvarez the biennale presents newly commissioned projects that examine the narratives of the west, the search for racial and gender identity, social justice, and an exploration of the communities that characterize the desert as an idea and place.

Stay tuned for our continued coverage as explore the vast expanse of the desert and document our discoveries.


View of Coachella Valley, California
Photo by Lance Gerber
Courtesy of Desert X


Participating artists:

Zahrah Alghamdi ​(born 1977, Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia, based in Jeddah)

Ghada Amer​ (born 1963, Cairo, Egypt, based in New York)

Felipe Baeza​ (born 1987, Guanajuato, Mexico, based in New York)

Judy Chicago​ (born 1939, Chicago, US. based in Belen, New Mexico)

Serge Attukwei Clottey​ (born 1985, Accra, Ghana, based in Accra)

Nicholas Galanin​ (born 1979, Sitka, Alaska, US-based in Sitka)

Alicja Kwade​ (born 1979, Katowice, Poland, based in Berlin)

Oscar Murillo​ (born 1986, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, based in various locations)

Christopher Myers​ (born 1974, New York, US-based in New York)

Eduardo Sarabia​ (born 1976, Los Angeles, US-based in Guadalajara, Mexico)

Xaviera Simmons​ (born 1974, New York, US-based in New York)

Kim Stringfellow​ (born 1963, San Mateo, CA, US-based in Joshua Tree)

Vivian Sute​r (born 1949, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Panajachel, Guatemala).


Zahrah Al-Ghamdi
Portrait Courtesy of the Artist


Ghada Amer
Portrait Courtesy of Brian Buckley



Felipe Baeza
Portrait Courtesy of Desert X





Judy Chicago
Portrait Courtesy of Donald Woodman



Serge Attukwei Clottey
Portrait Courtesy of the Artist



Nicholas Galanin
Portrait Courtesy of Will Wilson



Alicja Kwade
Portrait Courtesy of Christian Werner



Oscar Murillo
Photo by Julian Valderrama, September 2020
Courtesy the Artist and David Zwirner



Christopher Myers
Portrait Courtesy of Kamal Nassif



Eduardo Sarabia
Portrait Courtesy of the Artist



Xaviera Simmons
Portrait Courtesy of the Artist



Kim Stringfellow
Portrait Courtesy of the Artist



Vivian Suter
Portrait Courtesy of Flavio Karrer



Co-Curator César García-Alvarez
Portrait Courtesy of Ryan Orange



Artist Director Neville Wakefield
Portrait Courtesy of Desert X