Installation Magazine was created because we felt that no other art magazine actually speaks to our generation, or gives emerging artists a voice that readers could hear. We inspire dialogues that transcend the “art world” and engage with those who are curious about what art actually is, or can be.

Celebrating one year of Installation Magazine we’re excited to start fresh, transitioning from a quarterly to a weekly publication. Every week, we will connect you to the stories behind the luminaries, the undiscovered, and the art that defines our culture.  The unparalleled visual and tactile experience of our magazine offers an unexpected way to connect with new ideas.

Issue 01 introduces five new editorial departments that reach beyond the traditional scope of art journalism in order to investigate the contemporary. Emerge presents burgeoning artists and creatives; Discover offers in-depth studio visits and profiles of Contemporary artists, design innovators and independent thinkers; Collect grants access into unexpected, unexplored and eclectic private and public collections around the globe; Evolve explores the craftsmanship and creative processes that accelerates innovation in the arts; Think opens the conversation to curators, artists, critics and tastemakers who rethink our cultural milieu.

Install yourself weekly.

A. Moret & Garet Field-Sells