Another jet takes off from the nearby runway and quickly disappears into the fading California sky.  The residual drone of the engine briefly rattles the walls of our office and its roar then fades into silence.  The sound that we once blamed for interrupting our creative rhythm is now part of our sonic vocabulary, a familiar happening natural to the environment that we have adopted.

Issue 02– yes we were serious about becoming a weekly– explores physical, virtual, and cultural environments.  Squidsoup conceived Submergence, their most ambitious project to date, from daring scientific application and fierce imagination.  Revealing newly edited and previously unseen video for the first time for Installation Magazine, Squidsoup invites us inside Submergence.  Composed of 8,064 LED lights, the viewer is invited inside a three-dimensional space where tentacles of light beckon to be touched, experienced and inspire a conversation as to where the physical world ends and where the virtual one begins.

Bill Clarke transformed his bachelor apartment into a full-fledged gallery of nearly 200 artworks.  In curating a collection of emerging artists from his native Canada and the United States, Clarke realized that art collections are born from desire and a subconscious longing to be connected to a moment in an art scene.  Collections are not just for those with deep pockets, but with a deep investment in fostering talent.

In the Black Book series, Manny Prieres celebrates the schism between counterculture and the mainstream.  Working in shades of black and grey, Prieres celebrates the power of the written word, and its ability to resonate beyond the barriers of cultural silence.

As we’re settling into our new working space at the Santa Monica Airport, each day is a journey as unpredictable as the flight paths of those jets overhead.