Issue 05 is the week of synchronicity.  In our earlier days as a quarterly publication we never had the opportunity to time our features with exhibitions.  But now that we’re weekly it’s a whole new game.

Emerge artist Hollis Brown Thornton revels in antiquated technological formats like VHS and Atari and re-introduces those relics through markers, acrylic paint, memory and nostalgia.  If you find yourself in Chicago between April 12 and May 31, be sure to stop by Linda Warren Projects and view his exhibition in the Y Gallery space.

Discover the works of philosophically charged works of CalArts graduate student Chandler McWilliams.  Exploring the mediums of laser print on paper and installations, McWilliams demonstrates a lucid command of language and theory.  His thesis show Might is on view at CalArts for a limited showing, April 8-15 so all you Angelenos, brave the traffic and treat yourself to a show of intellectual delight and curiosity.

When is it not the time to collect?  We bring you an unconventional Collect feature putting a spotlight on the founders and A+R, whose store is a stunning curation of furniture, gadgets, accessories, and objects from emerging and international designers.

It takes sculptor and Evolve artist Eric Franklin approximately 1000 hours to complete one of his glass sculptures, so his ongoing series that combines science, mortality, and neon lights is a source of ongoing fascination.

After temporarily losing sight after a routine operation, Think contributor and painter Lisa Adams reflects on the “shade,” an eclipse that clouded her vision and inspired much of the work in her solo exhibition Second Life at CB1 Gallery in Los Angeles, running from April 7- May 12.

Get out there and explore our editorial features for yourself.