1.  The action or process of installing someone, or something, or of being installed.

2.  A thing installed, in particular.

The title of our publication was not arrived at by chance, but took great consideration.  We have the privilege to be a part of a creative moment, to uncover the narrative behind the brushstrokes, and to document the artist’s journey. For us, the noun “installation” represents a gestalt of physical, mental and emotional devotion to the diverse, committed, and innovative artists that have appeared in our digital pages.  An installation occurs in preparation for an artist’s exhibition in a gallery or museum space; it’s the process by which art is transferred from the private studio to the public sphere; installation is an artistic language in its own right.  Installation Magazine always extends our sincere love of the arts to a burgeoning audience– whether they’re seasoned patrons or have never set foot in a gallery.

Since our first issue launched one year ago, we have featured over 200 artists literally running the alphabet from Lisa Adams to Zakii.  As the first-all digital contemporary art magazine, many of the artists featured during our infancy took a chance on us, just like we always believed in them.  The digital format is not a traditional medium to showcase art but it has the tremendous ability to complement artwork in ways that print never could.  The interactivity allows our readers to “install” themselves inside the world of a featured artist, exploring detail and nuance on a rich display.  Being the first is never easy.  Presenting artwork in a forward-thinking, unconventional manner isn’t always comforting for readers or artists.  The static page felt safe for many, but we believe that the future of art publishing is digital.

We execute our editorial features with a deep sensitivity to each artist’s practice, and we strive to design a layout that complements their style and voice.  Alas our vision isn’t always the same as the artist’s vision.  Our lines of communication are open to feedback– positive, negative, or indifferent.  Your voice helps us navigate an uncharted course.  We’re listening.

A. Moret / Editor-in-Chief