The city of Los Angeles is 503 square miles.  The landscape is vast but when considering Los Angeles from a plan descending into LAX, the city is a giant square divided into grids.  Freeways, boulevards and avenues intersect at points and break the grid into even smaller fragments.   Los Angeles has long been a source of fascination for us not only because it’s our home, but because it’s forever evolving.  It inspires endless creative vision.  Neighborhoods that are only separated by a few geographical miles on a map feel like their own worlds, drenched in culture, heritage, and a unique aesthetic.  Issue 06 explores the labyrinth of Los Angeles and the visions that extend beyond its limits.  This issue celebrates architecture, design, and innovation.

Emerge shares the work of London-based artist artist Fabrice Le Nezet who applies an avant-garde approach to his deconstructed architectural installations wrought of concrete and steel.  Le Nezet experiments with weight, proportion and scale in the Measure series.  This innovative and radical approach to abstract and three-dimensional form is shared by the SCI-Arc graduates in their ethose.

SCI-Arc, the Southern California Institute of Architecture celebrates their 40th anniversary this month.  For the past four decades the school has challenged its students to work in unconventional materials, to consider architecture as a three-dimensional thesis that informs its surrounding environment and challenges the status quo.  Working with SCI-Arc, we have created an interactive timeline  in Discover featuring selection of notable alumni.  Through their work, we have the opportunity to look back at the accomplishments of this remarkable school and to look ahead to the creative minds that are inspire and shape the future, in our city and around the world.

Collect  goes inside and explores the legacy of craftsmanship present in the philosophy of Modernica design.  Committed to the original techniques employed by George Nelson, Herman Miller, and Charles and Ray Eames, Modernica President and Co-Founder Jay Novak describes his commitment to producing quality Modern design.

If you always wanted to become an art collector but were never certain where to begin, consider this week’s Evolve feature on Turning Art.  Designed to inspire collectors and help them connect with artists working in across genre and media, Turning Art encourages their customers to explore and refine their aesthetic.  With the opportunity to test drive art at home, customers can rotate their art collection until they find the perfect piece.

Looking ahead to Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A Gallerist Edward Cella offers a roadmap to navigate fourteen exhibitions that consider the architecture of Southern California and how its past has informed our present cityscape in Think.  

Collaborate marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with Turning Art as we take a closer look at the artists in their roster.  This week we direct an artist spotlight on figurative painter Winston Chmielinski.

There is a lot to explore in Issue 06.  In part it’s the narrative of Los Angeles told through Modernist design and architecture.  It is perhaps through the lens of the past that we can better piece together a narrative of the future.